Law School Admissions Consulting

Navigating the law school application process can be difficult. An application to law school includes many parts, and each part of the law school application serves a different role in the decision-making process used by law schools. While comparative evaluation of LSAT and GPA numbers is easy, many students find that they do not know what criteria are used in evaluating the less quantifiable portions of a student's application, such as the personal statement.

LEX™ Law School Application and Personal Statement Counselors offer students insight into the law school application process and the criteria whereby each element of an application to law school will be judged. A LEX consultant can also discuss with an applicant key decisions such as selecting providers of letters of recommendation.

LEX law school admissions counselors are available to address each of the following law school application parts:

  • Law School Personal Statement
  • Résumé for Law Schools
  • Law School-Specific Essays
  • Finding the Right Law School
  • Law School Diversity Statement
  • Supplementary Materials for Law School Application
  • Re-Taking the LSAT

In light of the significant difference between studying at one law school and another law school and the impact this difference can have on one's legal career, LEX admissions counseling can play a vital role in a law school applicant's career.

LEX Law School Admissions Counseling

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What our students are saying

"[The LEX method] is friggin' genius. In approximately three hours of [tutoring] and then writing five essays on my own, I learned how to write [essays] confidently..., something that my law school could not teach me in three years."

~ Los Angeles, LEX BarRev™ California Bar Exam Private Tutoring Student

"You saved me that morning from an emotional breakdown!"

~ Southwestern, BarRev™ California Bar Exam Private Tutoring Student

"You are the best tutor I've ever had."

~ Vanderbilt, LSAT Private Tutoring Student