LSAPP Law School Bootcamp

A law student's performance during first year—and first semester, in particular—can have a significant impact on his or her legal career. Law review eligibility and summer associate opportunities, for example, depend largely on first-year grades. However, once first-year classes actually begin, most students will not have time to master the essential skills for law school success—until it's too late, that is, when first semester is over.

That's why LEX established the Law School Academic Preparation Program™ (LSAPP®).

LSAPP® Law School Bootcamp: A Preview of Your First-Year Law Experience

The LSAPP® Law School Bootcamp is a six-day, eight-hours-per-day program that equips law students with the skills necessary to rise to the top of the class before law school even starts. Designed for entering first-year law students who have already been admitted to law school, the LSAPP introduces students to classic first-year topics, namely:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Procedure
  • Legal Research & Writing
  • Property
  • Torts

Classes are highly interactive, providing a solid foundation of the basics in each area of law through extensive student-teacher dialogue and in-class assignments. By cultivating the skills necessary to excel on law school exams, LSAPP gives each student a competitive advantage over his or her peers.

Preparing for Law School Exams Right from the Start

Since the importance of good writing remains constant throughout all of law school, a primary focus of law school bootcamp is LEX's ILFAC™ method for legal writing. This highly effective structure for law school essays enables each student to write authoritatively regardless of the underlying subject matter. The goal is to have students so well prepared that, when law school begins, students are already preparing for end-of-semester exams. Additionally, LSAPP instuctors will offer guidance on the basics of the law school experience (such as law review, moot court and other journals) to give students a broader sense of their road map to graduation.

LSAPP Registration

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What our students are saying

"[The LEX method] is friggin' genius. In approximately three hours of [tutoring] and then writing five essays on my own, I learned how to write [essays] confidently..., something that my law school could not teach me in three years."

~ Los Angeles, LEX BarRev™ California Bar Exam Private Tutoring Student

"You are the best tutor I've ever had."

~ Vanderbilt, LSAT Private Tutoring Student

"I got the best grade in my class in property (got some award) and the 4th best grade in civ pro. I wish you did a boot camp for second semester! I'd have taken it."

~ San Diego, LSAPP® Law School Bootcamp Student