CLE Credits Online: Continuing Legal Education | California MCLE

The LEX CLE Credits Online program for attorneys who need continuing legal education credits in order to meet California MCLE requirements has not been launched yet.

However, we expect to provide our lawyer members with the same excellent service and beneficial instruction they've come to expect from LEX.

Please check back with us soon!

What our students are saying

"You are the best tutor I've ever had."

~ Vanderbilt, LSAT Private Tutoring Student

"You're truly a great teacher and mentor. Your students... are all very lucky to have you."

~ Notre Dame, LSAPP® Law School Bootcamp Student

"I got the best grade in my class in property (got some award) and the 4th best grade in civ pro. I wish you did a boot camp for second semester! I'd have taken it."

~ San Diego, LEX LSAPP® Law School Bootcamp student